top 21 teen wolf ships as voted by my followers

18) vernon boyd/erica reyes


Alan Deaton. Believe it or not he’s just your typically Beacon Hills veterinarian. 

i choose y o u → a mix for scott & kira (x)

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What is it? 

The Teen Wolf Femslash Holiday Exchange is an event where after filling out a sign up form listing their preferred ships and interests participants will be assigned someone for whom they will make a gift, and in return they will receive a gift from someone else. 

The schedule is as follows: 

October 1- Sign Ups Starts 
October 14- Sign Ups End 
October 19- Assignments Sent Out 
November 19 - Mandatory Check In 
December 19- Gifts Due 
December 23- Posting Starts 

You must read the rules and FAQ before signing up. (You will not be able to sign up unless you have read them). 

rules - faq - signups 

maybe you should date the coyote.

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Kira Yukimura (Teen Wolf) in #4

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get to know me meme:

4/10 current celebrity crushes - tyler posey

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But nothing I know could slow us down
They couldn't slow us down
I thought I could live without you
But together we've got plenty power
But nothing I know can break us
They can't break us down


braeden appreciation week: day 4 → 9 outfits

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Sinqua Walls in Believe Me

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Monday, October 13, 2014: “Teen Wolf” star TYLER POSEY will be holding down the 1s and 2s as guest DJ! (x)

To find the exact time Ellen will be airing in your neighborhood, visit here.

halloween meme [3/3] characters
  kendra the vampire slayer (btvs)